Monday, March 1, 2010

Quickie Scrap Craft.

The kids and I were in Huntsville a week back. I hate packing jewelry for any reason. Mainly because I don't feel like I have anything adequate to carry it in without tangles. So I pulled out some scrap fabric I had (didn't match really well but I decided to do this the night before we left so I didn't have time to be matchy matchy).

I started with a Fat Quarter, and cut it straight down the middle. One half would be the back of my Jewelry Roll the other would be cut into rectangles to serve as pockets.

I had some soft owl patterend fleece fabric that I thought would be great to store jewelry in so I cut a matching rectangle from it to match the size of my Fat Quarter pieces.

Using one half of the Fat Quarter I cut this into 4 rectangles to be my pockets.

I sewed a narrow hem on the top edge of each pocket.
I placed them where I wanted them against the Owl fabric, which was going to be the middle of my Jewelry Roll. The top two pockets I sewed a line down the middle of them to create 2 sepearte pockets on the same line for smaller jewelry like rings, and earrings.
Then with the pocket pieces pined to the right side of the Owl fabric I sewed the edges all the way around to the right side of the other half of the Fat Quarter. I had some leftover biases tape that I used on an apron a few days back so I pinned this in to one of the short edges for ties. Making sure to leave an opening in one side so you can turn everything right side out. Stich the opening closed and fill with lovely jewelry.
The bottom pocket was big enough for my new flower necklace that I didn't want to chance getting tangled or smashed while in travel.
The top two pockets were great for Evan Grace's pink flower necklace and my favorite pair of earrings.
And one of the smaller pockets in the middle was perfect for my funky flower ring and my grandma's ring that I seem to always wear. :) 
I had plenty of room left over for more jewelry than what I ended up taking. This worked beautiful. All I need to do now is make one with fabric that actually works together. I think I may even sew in a few more pockets on the top two rows as well. It was fun and quick.

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