Monday, March 15, 2010

Short sleeve to long sleeve.

I really wish I had thought of this idea around the beginning of winter. Instead I think of it with Spring right around the corner. Maybe I can put this idea to good use next winter if I remember it.
I was faced with a pair of PJ pants for Evan Grace that she had outgrown but they were still in great condition. The shirt that matched the PJ pants still fit her so I thought I should somehow upcycle the pants into something she could still wear. What better way to use PJ pants that already have the greatest cuffs on the bottom but as long sleeves.
The first step was to cut the legs off of the pajama pants. With the right side of the cut pants legs stuffed into the arms of the shirt sew around each sleeve to attach the legs onto the sleeve.
Then I cut the waistband and crotch out of what was left over.
Then I cut through one of the side seams that was holding the leftover piece together.
Then I had to stop and pet the cat that decided he needed attention right this second!
When the cat finally moves off of your lap and onto the material you're trying to work with don't bother picking up the scissors like you're going to do something. He'll just see the scissors as something he can rub his face on.
Ok, now that the cat is all settled down on the shirt you're sewing things onto you can get back to cutting. He'll move right?
Cut about 1'' or 2'' depending on how much you want to leave to sew to the bottom of the shirt. Hem one of the long sides and sew the other side under the bottom hem of the shirt. I lined the blue fabric to the 2 straight hems on the white shirt and sewed all the way around.
Take the 1'' strip and use it as a scarf around the cat's neck for a little payback. If he can interrupt your work then you can interrupt his nap.
I felt a little bad for making fun of him so I took off the strip and presented him with a fabric rose. He wasn't all that impressed. He didn't even sniff it. Pffffttt.
Pull the upcycled shirt over your little one's head and start taking pictures.

It makes a really cozy shirt too and I'm honestly in love with how the longer sleeves seemed to be a little more gathered once I sewed them into the short white sleeves. This is by far my most favorite upcycled clothing I've made her. I just have to wait for her to grow out of more PJ pants and for colder weather again.

I think I'll try this with Isaac's PJ pants next time and see how it would turn out. The bottom hem on his pants are wider so I might have to tweak things. Who knows, we'll see.

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