Monday, March 8, 2010

Return Unto Me.

Mackenzie had a pacifier until she was almost 3. I couldn't get her away from the thing. I would hide it, only give it to her at bedtime and still her bond with the pacifier was just too great. I eventually started cutting small pieces off of the rub tip suckey part until there was nothing left except the plastic holder. She was so determined to keep her pacifier that she would hold that plastic piece against her mouth to keep the connection. It didn't last long and she just gave up.

Isaac, though he did love his pacifier as well, fell in love with a blanket. It was a blanket that someone gifted him at his baby shower. It was white with tiny little bunnies all over it and they had little yellow bows around their necks. Sweet, right?

 I remember covering him up with it one summer when he was almost one. It was love at first feel. He's a little older than 2 in this picture but you can see the white-ish blanket towards his feet. How cute was he???

Here's one of Isaac and Mackenzie, he was 2ish, I believe. in this picture. You can see blankie on the chair behind Mackenzie's head at the ready.
Blankie was so well loved that blankie started falling apart. Sometimes losing as much as an entire length of fabric down one side or the other. (It didn't help Blankie any, that Isaac liked to stick his toes through Blankie's holes). Eventually this was all that was left of the original blanket. So I took a crib sheet that Isaac use to love looking at and sewed a blanket type of pillowcase thing.

This was taken in '08...Isaac is still very much in love with his blankey. We had to tell him he could only hold and love it during nap and bedtime or else he would carry it everywhere with him. Plus, I got really sick of having to go back to a store or restaurant and look for it.

But Isaac still had fun with Blankie, his forever friend.

Then one day, last year, early '09 I lost Blankie. That's right, I lost Blankie. Blankie seemed to nap during the day on my bed, it was normal for me to walk into my room at any time during the day and see Blankie stretched out on the bed, or haning over one of the night tables, sometimes clumped on the floor.  But on this horrible day I was in a big way of cleaning, reorganzing and just getting things in ship shape. Blankie went missing. We've been through a missing Blankie crisis before so Matt and I honestly though Blankie would just turn up. Blankie just needed a break from all that love and would surface a few days later.

Blankie never surfaced again.

It was sad.

I was convienced that in my frantic cleaning spree I had accidentally scooped up blankie and trashed him by accident. I felt horrible over it. Isaac didn't understand and kept asking us to look for his Blankie.

I took Isaac to the store and let him pick out new fabric so I could sew him up a new blanket. He picked out SpongeBob. I was cute fabric but not as cute as the tiny bunnies on his orignial blanket. No where near as cute. Since them I've sewn up a few new smaller blankets for him. The most recent one was the Transformer one I made him to match a pair of PJ pants I sewed for him.

The kids and I were in Huntsville a week or so back. I was in the two younger kids room, unplugging a Cinderella light. The cord was apparently stuck on something or twisted around something. I tugged on the cord until it finally pulled free of whatever had it caught. That's when I saw this clump of something still around the cord. I grabbed it and knew immediately what it was...BLANKIE!!!!!!  I don't think anyone ever saw it coming.

A little dusty and in need of a few stitches Blankie was still in loveable condition. (You can see the Spongebob blankie to the left of the picture here)

Of all the times to not have my camera at the ready...I had to ask Isaac to try and make the face he made when he first saw Blankie again. Yeah, this wasn't the original face but it's close enough. He's one happy little boy...and all those other little blankets I sewed for him in the mean time? It's like they never existed.

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