Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coupons 101: CVS

Couponing at CVS is much like couponing at any other store with the exception of a few things. The do not offer store coupons in their weekly flyer and they do use a Store Loyalty Card like Kroger. In order to get the most out of shopping at CVS you should sign up for this card.

In addition to their weekly flyer CVS also puts out a once a month ExtraValueBook you'll find it under their weekly flyer in the store. Below is a picture of their weekly flyer and the April ExtraValueBook. The Extra Value Book are on going sales and promotions for the month where as the weekly flyer is good from Sunday to Saturday.

It's hard to see but I circled the Crest toothpaste part of the flyer. Meaning I know i have a coupon for this, but I need to find it and match it up to make sure it's a good cheap deal. ALSO, take note that they are advertising the toothpaste or mouthwash as: 'You pay $2.88, get $2.00 ECB's back it's like paying $.88.'

This is where the store loyalty card comes in hand. Each week CVS puts many of their items on their ECB (extra care bucks) program. If I were to buy this toothpaste I would pay the full $2.88 but at the end of my transaction and on my receipt I would get a coupon from CVS for $2.00. The below picture is a picture of the 3 ECB I received this week for purchasing 3 different ECB items. These coupon receipts are used just like store coupons but they are good for ANYTHING in the store and not just what's on sale or on the next set of ECB items.

CVS will also print out other coupons for some of the items you have bought before once you start using your loyalty card. The coupon receipts are on the left of the picture below with a green underline under the item. The ECB are on the right with a reddish line under the amount of ECB I can use on my next purchase. The ECB usually expire 2 weeks from the time they are printed so don't forget to use them!!!!

The main goal for couponing at CVS is to match their sales and ECB items with coupons AND to keep rolling your ECB's from week to week. As of now I have $8 ECB to use on my deals next week. I'm going to try and match my ECB with upcoming sales and ECB items that will net me as many ECB's as I can and still get great deals.

Here's a picture of the great deals I got at CVS this week, buying items that were only on sale matched with coupons and some ECB deals. All of the below cost me: $6.18 and that's including tax people!!! Apparently it was the week for Deodorant. The Ban, Right Guard and Suave Deodorants I got for FREE, because my coupons took off more than they were selling them for.

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