Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you Toya!!!!

I have to say, first, thank you to my beautiful friend Toya and her God given talent with photography. I was so excited to hear that she had started up a photography business and knew I would have to use her for the kids next pictures. So this Saturday, we were greatly blessed to take up some of Toya's time and get amazing pictures of all my babies, and have a fun time doing it. I never knew pictures of the kids could be so fun outside of home! It took some coaxing but I got in a few pictures with the kids myself. I will never, ever, as long as I live in Alabama use anyone else for pictures but Tree of Life Photography. We love you Toya, thank you so much for your gift and the joy you brought my family through your beautiful pictures.

May I present to all who see this blog, The Gilliard Kids by Tree of Life Photography.

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Leisha said...

WOW - these are wonderful!!!! Toya is awesome - she is one of the "Mama Leisha" girls too by the way ;-)
I love all the big smiles - sweet sweet sweet !!!

Jessica G said...

Toya asked what we had been up to and I was telling her about girl's night out and the first time I mentioned your name she's like "I love mama Leisha!!!" I'm in love with these pictures!!!!

Tree of Life said...


Your babies were a delight!!! I look forward to our next session. Your collages look great! Mama Leisha, I see you peaking from behind that computer on your profile. (-: Smooches!

~*Lisa*~ said...

Love the pictures you and your babes are beautiful! And I love love love me some Toya! She is so genuine and his love and grace just pour out of her! She is one of my favorites! :)