Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Soy Candle

So my soy wax arrived about a week ago and I set to making candles pretty much immediately. And I bombed it, so I melted the wax again and I bombed it. Then I got online and made sure I had read all the tips and directions and everything just right and I had and I tried again for the 3rd to make a block soy candle. And it worked!! Whew. Now I know what I did wrong and what to to and what not to do for my next candle. :) I think it turned out really really well. It was fun picking out the chunks of wax that had hardened around the ice cubes to get the swiss cheese affect. And don't you just love the glow of the candle light through the holes??? And it smells divine. I added Strawberries and Champenge oil and it is so soft and light and delicious.

I also made two small pink floating candles, one in the shape of a tulip and the other an oval shape. They are so cute.

I need to make up another one this weekend I'm just not sure what color to dye the wax. Maybe orange?
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