Monday, April 20, 2009

Target Savings

Matt needed new polo shirts for work so we all piled in the van yesterday and went to Target. Why Target, well I had coupons and they were having some great sales. Here's what I got:

4 - 12 Packs of Diet Coke/ one is Vanilla Coke
2 - 4 Packs of Easy Mac
2 - boxes of 100 Cal Pack
1 - Box of Pop Tarts
8 - Yoplait Yogurt Whips
2 - Oscar Meyer Bun Length Wieners
2 - Bags of Teddy Grahams
2 - Cans of Pringles chips
2 - Packages of Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies

My total BEFORE coupons and sales was $45.84

My total AFTER sales and coupons was $27.16

My stockpile box in the laundry room is overflowing because of the great sales I've been running into lately. It's going to work out great for our vacation the 1st of May. I wont have to make that made dash to the store for car munchies!!!!
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