Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coupons 101: My system for in the store.

Ok, so once you've got all your coupons and have looked over your sales and know what you're going to buy and what deals you're going to make, how do you keep up with your coupons on the way to the store and in the store and at check out. This is what I do, not the only way to do it, but what works for me. I take along my trust coupon book because you never know when the price for a not on sale item will be on something that's not in the sales paper but has just had a normal price drop. So it's there for a back up if I see something that has had it's price lowered and is cheaper than the store brand.

Then I made up some nifty coupon envelopes for each store I go to that I use coupons at. Aren't they cute? I clip my coupons, go over the sales item in the store flyers, circle all the things I know I have coupons for or need to get and search my coupon book for to see if I have a coupon but overlooked it. Once I've looked at the sales flyer and matched my coupons to them I place all the appropriate coupons into the correct enveloped and stick them in the front of my coupon book. That's another reason I got a clear front to my coupon book, so I don't' have to flip through it to make sure I have all my envelopes in there before I go. It's a glance and go thing.

Once inside the store I take out my envelope for that store and I also take out the clear, plastic envelop below. As I find the deal in the store and make sure it matches the requirements on my coupon I take it out of the nifty, cute yellow envelops and place it into the clear, plastic envelope. (Sometimes I'll have my coupon ready to go for a sale item and decide at the store that's it not that great of a deal because the store brand took a price cut to and the store brand is a better money saver. So I don't use that coupon and stick it back into the yellow envelope to refile later on.

Once at the cash register as my items are being run up I take out the clear, plastic envelop ONLY since it has all of my coupons that I now I got deals on and hand those coupons to the checkout person. It keeps me organized and it's easier than walking around, pushing a cart with 2 kids in it with a handful of loose coupons while finished up my shopping. :)

Hopefully you've enjoyed reading about my coupon adventure and how I work the system to get lots of items for dirt cheap. Any comments or questions are welcome. Leave them on my blog or feel free to email me as well
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