Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coupon Chief

So the family and I are on a kick of saving money, spending money more wisely and just being all around good stewards. Thus came my adventures of couponing (and the ability to make up the word 'couponing' as well!).

So I use printable internet coupons, manufacture coupons and store coupons. What else is there to add to that list? Electronic coupons!!!

It's not often that I buy things online mainly because I hate to pay for shipping. Sometimes I'll but a book or something for the kids that's not easy to find in local stores. So when I go online I always look for the best price for the item I want, keeping in mind that I'll have to pay more than $5 for shipping as well.

Well just made online shopping at lot cheaper and much more likely for me to shop online.

BEFORE you go shopping online or BEFORE you click the CheckOut button stop by They offer tons of codes and coupons for online store that can save you a lot of money. Some codes were for free shipping, 10% off your entire purchase just to name a few. They have codes for WalMart, Target, Amazon, BooksAMillion, Zappos, Toys R Us and many many more. This would be great if you buy birthday presents or holiday gifts online and have them shipped right to the recipient.

If you use one of their codes you can go back and leave a comment for how it worked for you, how much money you saved or just how great really is!!!!

I really wish I had known about this website a few weeks ago when my mom had sent me a E-gift card! I just know I would have gotten a much better deal if I had checked first!

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