Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bug Repellent

Yuck, it's that time of year again in Alabama where the bugs come out in full force and the city literally drives spray trucks through neighborhoods at night and sprays BUG SPRAY throughout the town!!!! If sounds like an ice scraper truck if you're from Virginia and maybe a snow/leaf blower. Does anyone else think that this is crazy or just me? I'm mean I hope it cuts down on the bugs but I swear every time I hear that thing coming I have an argument in my mind that goes something like this:

"Did you hear that? They're spraying for bugs again!"
"Crap, hold your breath until it goes by."
"But you're in the house. A lot of repellent just isn't going to come through the house."
"Yeah but what if it does. Should I go cover the kid's faces with a damp cloth just in case?"
"You're being silly. Just let the dang truck pass and forget about it."
"But, it's BUG SPRAY...and I don't want to be breathing that in."

By now the bug spray truck has long since gone!

"You'll be fine. You've dealt with this for 6 years it's not hurt you yet."
"Yeah, but what if I end up with a funky disease that no one has heard about and it takes 40 years for them to name it and it's all because of the bug spray I inhale every summer? That kinda stuff does happen!"
"Are you for real? A funky disease for real?"

So the conversation goes on and on for a few more minutes. Since I can't stop the city of Huntsville I can try and stop the bugs in my yard that seem to flock to myself and Isaac whenever we step through the door; and I do mean flock!!!

So here's one homemade batch of Insect/Flea Repellent I made up yesterday. It's got tons of oils in it and smells minty.

I'm making up a different batch of Repellent tonight just to see which one works better. The essential oil's one is mega expensive of course. But the one I hope to make tonight cost only $4 for the ingredients and it makes a lot more than the few ounces pictured. So stay tuned.
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Anonymous said...

My inner conversation goes something like this: "OMG...Their BACK!!! Quick! Are the dogs in? Pull your shirt up over your nose. I think I know why dogs get those nasty and hanging bumps on their bodies. How much DNA do we share with dogs. Will I get a lump...what about my kids? Will my grandkids have three eyes? Hey! Everyone. Let's play a game. Whoever holds their breath the longest gets a prize!" The bug spray thing FREAKS ME OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like the recipe for this. Have you ever tried using fresh rosemary, lemon, and lavender? I place these fresh in a pot of boiling water and let them sit over night. The next morning, I transfer my bug/flea repellant into a squirt bottle and then chase my dogs around the yard. :>)

Jessica G said...

That's the recipe I'm cooking up right now!!! I don't put lavender in it because I'm not a Great minds girl.