Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What am I juggling?

So I guess while I was on vacation with my folks and sister I had too much time to think of different kinds of projects and things to get into to add more stuff on my plate.
I assembled my HydroEarthBox so that was one I added and crossed off pretty quickly.
I've been looking online for clotheslines to put against the side of our house. I've found a few I like but haven't decided it.
We need to repaint in the kitchen, bathroom and my bedroom. I know what colors I want to do I just need to buy the paint and get on with it.
Kenzie's room now needs new carpet because of the leak that molded the carpet....ewwww.
Our storage shed needs to be cleaned out and reorganized but where in the world am I going to find 3 weeks to set aside and dedicate to that project...I break out in a sweet just thinking about it.
I need to start researching and ordering the kids school books for next year, speaking of which I still need to enter in a few months worth of grades into the grade book right now!!!
Plus I still have to keep up with the checkbook, cook, bulk cook, clean, grocery shop, laundry (which takes a little longer since we're not using the dryer anymore) and coupon and watch after the kids,...ok I have to stop listing things, I'm starting to get a little overwhelmed. So far I've got all of my balls somewhat up in the air....somewhat....yeah I'll stick to that phrase. :)

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Anonymous said...

How about we get our hubbies to watch the kids and you and I spend the day painting? Best to paint before putting down carpet. Another thought...We could do share the bulk cooking thing. We will each double the bulk of a few items and share them with eachother. Hmmm?