Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies part 2

We really lucked out in planning our trip to the Aquarium. Seems the mermaids from Florida were going to be there the same weekend for 3 shows a day. The picture of Isaac and Evan Grace was taken during the show. :) It was so beautiful to watch and well worth the cramped seating conditions.
More fun with family at the Aquarium. Evan Grace's favorite part was pushing the inside parts of a fish and hearing the voice come over a loud speaker to tell her what it's job was in the fish. The funny part was they spoke gruff and slang like sailors. Isaac's favorite part was the Secret Access room that you had to scan your hand print in to find out important facts about the fish in the adjoining tanks.
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Anonymous said...'s gonna be all about mermaids for the next few months. I think that I would have LOVED that as a kid. So glad your family got to experience this. I'm sure it will be a lasting memory.