Monday, May 25, 2009


We did it. We finished our kitchen yesterday. Whew, it wasn't all that bad it was just a lot, a ton, an extreme amount of trim work but really not that bad. We stretched it over two weekends. The first weekend was for the screaming yellow, the second one for the french country blue.

I can honestly say I'm in love with the kitchen now. The yellow by it's self was slowly growing on me, but now that the blue is thrown in, well all I can say is I've finally gotten the french kitchen I've always wanted, sniff, sniff.

Like the wall hanging? My BFF Erin has a large, gorgeous version of the plate wall hanging and when I came across the small, cheap version I picked it up too. I asked her permission for copycatting her before I hung it up, cause it was 'hers first'. Maybe she'll post a pic of her amazing big one. Thanks for being a real secure friend and letting me copy your great eye for wall hangings!! Doesn't the blue plate go so very well with the french country blue on the wall?!?!

I'm just glad it's done. On to Mackenzie's room next weekend. Hot pink, with one black and one grey horizontal stripe here we come!!!!
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Leisha said...

Marvelous - I do love those plates too - both yours and hers....hmmm - you know they would look pretty good in my kitchen