Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bug Repellent #2

This one was way cheaper and somewhat easier to make. It's one Lemon sliced a thin as you can possible get it. 2 Tbs or one twig of Rosemary, crushed. Sprinkle the Rosemary on top of the lemon slices in a bowl. Bring 4 cups of water almost to a boil. Pour over the lemons and Rosemary and cover with a clean cloth/towel. Set aside so the mixture can steep for 15 hours.

Once the steeping process is finished, strain the liquid through cheesecloth to remove the lemon slices and rosemary. Place in a jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator. Transfer 4-6 oz of this liquid into a spray bottle at a time and apply as needed. It's safe for pets and kids, as long as you don't spray in the face.

My Isaac has a tendency to get bite on the face so I spray some of this one my hands and rub it on his forehead and cheeks. So far it seems to work really well.
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Leisha said...

I love the smell of rosemary - it's one of my favorite herbs to cook with and I just planted some....I have some lemons in the fridge too.....let the games begin.
BTW - tommorrow is earth box day!

~*Lisa*~ said...

CAN I just say YOU ARE just the coolest person I know! I think its awesome how you are trying all these home made idea's. I LOVE it I am gonna try this one out! I miss seeing your beautiful face. Maybe with the baby gets up to my class I will see you again!:) LOVE YOU GIRL!