Saturday, May 23, 2009

A few Random things.

I love random posts. I have a few blogs I read that from time to time post just some random things thet have been floating about in their head and life. Here's mine.

1) My favorite dessert here lately is Strawberry Flowers. I'm making some today as a matter of fact. It's fight night tonight we gotta have munchies.

2) This song just makes me happy and fuzzy all over.

3) My husband and a family friend, Erika, set me up and I'm very glad they did. Looks what's on it's way to me as I type!!!! I also, love this website very very very much. :)

4) Hopefully my next small purchase for the house/me will be this wonderful invention!

5) is also one of my most favorite websites. I have a lot of things circled in their magazine for school this coming year and neat toys for the kids and myself!

6) I'm very very upset that Shurley English doesn't go past the 7th grade. :( The search begins for a new curriculum for the coming school year.

7) I've got my fingers crossed that Matt Hughes wins tonight! Though he's gorgesous he's no GSP!!

8) I missed the train on this the first time, but now it's restocked and I just ordered some. I hope this will stop the kids from complaining about how spicy their toothpaste is.

9) Since my kitchen is now screaming yellow I've been searching online for ways to make it really work for me. I so want to have this kitchen but toned down just a little and with some blue as well.

10) I can't wait to try this recipe. If it works I'm passing it on to my mom who is a junkie for this stuff!!! Its a great website too.


Anonymous said...

Oh what lovely randomness.

Leisha said... are scaring me.....I LOVE THE APRON - that is exactly what my ultimate apron looks like except maybe with a little red in it....I have been watching a few potters on Etsy waiting for their supply of butter bells/crocks to be replenished.....I recently made a liquid version of toothsoap and just last week was looking at a recipe in my Nourishing Traditions cookbook for homemade ginger ale and ginger there !!! Does that frighten you just a little bit or is it just me ??