Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies part 1

So our vacation wasn't just to Virginia this year. Matt got to finally go on vacation with us again so we were hoping to maybe add something to the trip for all of us. Turns out Gatlinburg is almost halfway for us and my parents and sister. So Thursday night we all met up at a hotel to crash so we could hit the Aquarium Friday morning. Here's some great shots of our time at the Aquarium.

There are Parana and some shots of the first of the Aquarium.

Here we have a flounder, some sharks and a tank full of fish that decided to swim to the top of the tank as my family and I rounded the corner. It was beautiful to watch.
The below pictures had to have been one of the best parts of the entire Aquarium. You stepped onto something like a flat escalator and it took you underneath a tunnel of nothing but fish, sharks, sawtooth sharks, etc. I love the picture of Mackenzie and my sister touching the top of the tunnel with the shark right over head. The ride (no matter how slow it was) went on for a good while and it was amazing.

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