Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sea Salt Scrub

Don't you just love the sea salt scrub stuff you can get at Bath and Body? I do and it's been ages since I've had any of it too. I found a recipe for homemade sea salt scrub and I'm pretty impressed with it. I even had a pretty jar with a somewhat air tight lid to store it in. Next on my list to make is a deodorant stick. It's different enough from the last deodorant I made that I want to try it and you don't have to use your fingertips to apply it either.

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Anonymous said...

Say...good idea. What kind of smells did you put in it? How about the oil? I bet sweet almond oil would be really nice.

Leisha said...

I love it - even when you are away from home you are at your hippie post ;-) Makes me proud - lol

Jessica G said...

Is it weird that I love the smell of baby oil? that's the only smell that's in it. I have sweet almond oil, I don't think it has too much of a scent but maybe next time I'll back off the baby oil and add in the sweet almond to see. I do love the smell of anything almond.

As for Leisha's comment, I've realized I'm a hippie wherever I go so I must keep up my hippiness (is that a word?) no matter where I am. Plus, I'm addicted.