Monday, April 6, 2009

Truffles maybe?

Nope, thanks to my BFF, Erin, these are mini-cake balls. The family and I are heading over to some friends house tomorrow and I was in charge of bringing dessert so I thought I'd try my hand at cake balls. After coming out of sugar shock from eating Erin's delicious, wonderful decadent cake balls I knew this would be a great thing to make for tomorrow. They turned out really well to. So kudos to Erin for such a fan-tabulous dessert. I'm sure they'll be a hit.

(Now I know why it's such a good idea to make large, ice cream scoop size cake balls instead of the smaller size. They took me FOREVER to roll and time I'm grabbing the ice cream scoop!!!!)
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Anonymous said...

Ahh...but bite size is a MAJOR plus. My next batch will be the smaller size. I cut one of my larger ones in half and nibble at the other half for the next half hour. Your balls are very pretty! My last ones didn't turn out nearly as pretty as I had hoped. My tip was dented and my spirals came out all "wonky." So ummm...what kind didja make?