Saturday, April 18, 2009

Once a month bulk cooking

So I've been on a kick about learning how to bulk cook and once a month cooking. So far I've been really pleased at what all I've discovered and what I've tried and it worked out. The picture above is what I have stocked in my freeze right now for the rest of the month. The Banana Sour Cream bread is so moist and fresh when it's thawed and I make sure we only go through one loaf per week or I think this family would eat all 4 loaves in ONE week. :)

The Pizza wheels I made mainly for Mackenzie. She loves anything pizza especially for lunch and it's an easy recipe and so delicious when cooked. The recipe made a large batch and all I did was pop them in a freeze bag with the heating directions wrote in sharpie on the outside and viola! Kenzie's lunch for almost two weeks. I hope to have another cooking day to try out more recipes and bulk cook more, but we'll be on vacation soon and I don't want the freezer stocked while we're gone. But having a meal already in the freezer for when we get back is a comforting thought.
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