Friday, April 3, 2009

Nature Walk

When the weather is nice the kids and I take a walk around the block. We did our first one of the year yesterday so it was no surprise when the kids asked if we could go on another walk today. (Before all the Tornado warnings started flying). So we went on a walk with Daisy in tow. Half way through the walk I pointed out a flower to Evan Grace at the edge of a lawn. I told her she could pick it if she wanted, okay it was a weed, but a pretty purple one!!

"I can't." She replied.

That's when I looked down to find that the pine cones I thought she was picking up and tossing along the way were clutched tightly to her chest. Five prickly pine cones in all. Her hands were full and she didn't want any help in caring them either. So I folded up the end of her shirt for a makeshift pocket and she proudly carried her pine cone bundle back home.

No sooner did we hit the front door and the kids wanted to take another walk. This time we didn't take the dog and I had Evan Grace grab her pink frog bag so she could stash her pine cones in it for this trip.

The bottom right corner of the collage is what she had in her bag when we arrived home. Lots of pine cones, one stone and different types of flowers.

Kenzie spent the walks just like I did, snapping pictures of anything and everything. Wonder where she gets her love the camera from...hmmmm. Isaac threw force fields left and right so we were protected on our walk and other than the whipping breeze it was a great day for two back to back walks.

I really need to get on making a nature bag for Isaac. I'm thinking of cutting up a pair of his cargo pants and using the knee pockets. It's a good boy look for a nature bag I think.

When we were done with our walks, and had spilled the contents of the nature bag on the table I walked to the back of the house to help Isaac with something. I met Evan Grace in the hallway with a worried look on her face.

"Evie what's wrong?"
"I was coughing."
"I"m sorry Ev are you ok?"
"I was *makes horrible coughing noises.*"
"Are you all better now?"
More silence.
A look of confusion on Evan Grace's face.
Then finally, soft spoken, raspy words, like she's appalled at what had really happened, "I ate a flower."

And true enough she had. One of the dandelions she had put in her bag still had some seeds on it and the child decided it looked good enough to eat. Not wonder she was making such horrible coughing sounds. I'm thinking she really swallowed some!
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