Sunday, April 5, 2009

Organic Vanilla

It's true. Tonight I sat down and finally stated on my own organic vanilla. I ordered the vanilla beans and bottle (with instructions) from a wonderful magazine; and then I made my wonderful husband run to the liquor store and pick up vodka!

I cut the three vanilla beans down the middle as best I could. Careful to not scrap out the 'innards' as we say in Virginia.

Then I placed them all in the bottle.

Then poured on the vodka baby!! In 4 weeks it'll be the best tasting vanilla extract you can get. I have to keep it in a dark place and shake it from time to time and viola! I'll post a picture when it's ready. I'm excited. Plus, what a money saver. Real, true vanilla extract is EXPENSIVE. This will last years if I do it right and keep the beans covered.

Footnote: Leisha when you read this I know you're going to want one and do this too. That is if you don't already have one. Let me know and I'll let you know where to get them from or order one for you, my sister in green. :)
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Leisha said...

You crack me up!!! The Principal and I have had this planned for a while now...we have the beans and may need to get your hubby to go to the liquor store for us!! I found a recipe a while back on a blog I frequent - it calls for bourbon rather than vodka ;-)

Jessica G said...

Bourbon will probably make the extract stronger. My mom leans towards Brandy or Rum because she likes it strong. Me, not so much. I checked it today and shook it a little and it's already darkened up A LOT. Best of luck. I knew you'd like this one or already have it done.