Monday, April 6, 2009

Organizing cabinets FINISHED!

So I took the organizing challenge a few days ago and I'm happy to announce that as of yesterday evening I finished getting these cabinets organized and how I wanted it. The laundry room was a wreck for three days and I didn't do ANY laundry while everything was strewn about. (Today I played catch up and did 4 loads...whew) Now everything is in it's place and all things are clearly labeled so that everyone can find what they need to find and make sure it goes back where it belongs. I'm not very happy about the upper shelves in the cabinets but for now they'll do. I use everything up there I just couldn't find a way to store it neatly, plus, it's hard for me to reach and I didn't want to bring in a chair every time I needed to get up there. I can still grab and go with the top shelf. I guess this is my proof that I can do this, I just need to tackle my 'secret shame' (my bedroom closet) and get that under control. Maybe next month.....maybe next year..yeah that sounds better!!!
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Anonymous said...

Well done! If you're on a roll, feel free to come and tackle my bathroom closet, or my pantry, or my hallway closet, or my lower kitchen cabinets, or my laundry room, or my upper kitchen cabinets, or the storage shed in the garage, or my dresser drawers, or my junk drawers(I have several), or the back of my truck...Yeah, my place is one big challenge!