Sunday, March 29, 2009

$166 Boo Boo

I'm not sure what Skip met up with but it did some damage. We thought his tail was broken, but thankfully he started moving it yesterday. He hasn't raised it to full mass yet but there's hope. Here's the wound that was infected and cost all that money at the vet's office Thursday. The vet said he had 5 wounds, including bite marks and scratches. This is the only one that was infected and had to be drained. Poor cat. This is the night after the vet visit. He had to be knocked out before the vet could work on him, yes he's aggressive when he's hurt. Poor guy has to be the laughing stock of the block I'm sure among all the other pets with the bald spot right above his tail. What bets all is that he came in today with ANOTHER wound on the elbow of his arm!!!! I think it's going to need stitches. Which will probably cost another $1oo and some.
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Anonymous said...

Let's knock him out and stitch him up ourselves! You ARE the master cross stitcher, are you not? :>) OOh! You could cross stitch "Don't mess with Skip!" across his back!