Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Deodorant Stone

I kid you not. I went into Pearly Gates to get the ingredients I would need to make deodorant of my own and the lady asked if I had ever heard or tired a deodorant stone. I had to stop myself from laughing at her, she was so serious. So I looked it over and though, hey you know what, why not? These stones come naked (just in a pouch) or like the one I got, with a screw lid and base for the stone to sit in. Run water over the top of the stone and apply generously to the pits. The only draw back to getting them naked is if you drop it, it's going to shatter and the ones in the base just make it easier to hold.

The lady at Pearly Gates said her mom loves them and has used them for years. And you know what. I think I'm going to have to add my name to that list. I've been using this deodorant stone for 6 days and I LOVE it! The best part is they work!! No stink whatsoever (and we've had some 80 degree weather here lately). Though my husband is tired of me asking him, 'do I smell? You'll tell me right?' lol. Poor guy has to put up with a lot doesn't he?

So if you're looking for an alternative to commercial deodorants and want something that's going to last practically forever. Try this deodorant stone. It's well worth the $7. I'll even pick it up and hand delivery it I'm so in support of these things. (My mom and sister don't know this but they are going to be getting one for a late birthday present!!!)
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Leisha said...

You crack me up - I have been tempted to buy one of these on more than one occassion but have opted for other choices - I may just give in and try one when I use up what I have now - although I have a cool looking recipe waiting to be made.....a dilemma perhaps - sigh....