Sunday, March 29, 2009

Noodle Rainbows

MY rainbow!
I'm slightly ashamed on how long I worked on this project and how much fun I had doing the sample craft!! It was easy to dye the noodles and fun as well. I had the girls do their crafts first while the boys finished up their dinner. Isaac is in the background asking if he has to wait 10 more minutes before he can do his rainbow with Austin! The girls had fun, they chatted and munched on some dyed raw noodles while they crafted and needed very little help from me. Aren't they cute in their aprons?

Here's Isaac's and Evan Grace's finished rainbows. I didn't get a picture of Austin and Isaac's because they were very driven to get it all done and to get to the purple noodles which were last in line to be put on. I totally forgot to get a picture because I was working hard to keep up with them and make sure they had all the noodles and glue they needed. Whew, but theirs turned out just as great as the girls did and I think they had a good time working together as well.

When we first started Austin informed us that he knew which story in the bible was about rainbows and he was right. So I gave them a mini-speech about the rainbow and why God gave Noah a promise rainbow. I wasn't even going to tie it into the bible but Austin set us straight and was very proud.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Miss Jess! The kids are STILL talking about the rainbow project. Looks like I either need to come up with a new craft or get started dying some noodles!