Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to Kids Kloset

The kids and I went back to the Kids Kloset Saturday for their 50% off sale along with Faith. I let them each pick out a dress or shirt and a toy and I got all of the below, plus the toys that aren't pictured for $20!!!!
I noticed there were a lot more people shopping the sale this year. Could be the economy people are trying to save money and spend it more wisely and maybe that's why. And when I picked up the few items of mine that didn't sale in the sale (I put in 67 pieces and only 10 didn't sale) I was shocked. That's the least amount of clothes I've ever had come back, so hopefully I'll get a fatter consignor check this year as well. That would be great. I love a great bargain.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for taking my little Fafe. She wore her dress yesterday with coordinating tights and a sweater. She got several compliments while we were out. :>)