Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wedding Towel Cakes

Ok, so I don't like to give the usual 'gift' when I go to baby showers or bridal showers. I made the towel cake with the dark towel's in '07 when a friend of mine at church met the man of her dreams, got married and moved away. It was the first one I'd ever made and though it looks a little wonky on the table, I was able to straighten in out when I gave it to her. And it was the first time I had every really worked with fake flowers. My gramma was a genius when it came to flower arranging but not so much with me. So I'm very happy with how they turned out.

The one with the lighter colored towels is for my friend Briana who's shower is tomorrow. Well, today at 2:30. I see now by looking at the pictures that I need to take out the green leaves on the first tier, it's to heavy. So I'll fix that before the shower. But I just wanted to share my towel cakes. I can't decorate a real cake for nothing, I'll leave that to my BFF Erin and I'll stick to towel cakes/diaper cakes/wreaths and the what not. :)

I didn't purposely pick the same pink flowers for both cakes. Turns out Katie's flowers for her park wedding were lily's and a pink flower and one of Briana's colors is pink so it worked out well.
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Anonymous said...

Ooh! Fun!

Katie said...

Coming by from Ring Around The Blogs - What a CUTE idea!