Tuesday, March 10, 2009

PJ and Dress

Yes, I'm still sewing. Actually I finished these last Friday and have just now got around to posting them. Evan Grace's dress is really suppose to be a nightgown because she wanted another pair or PJ pants but I didn't have enough fabric so here's a dress I sewed up in about an hour. Cute isn't it?

Trying to get a picture of Isaac in another pair of PJ pants was next to impossible so I had him take them off so I could lay them on the new carpet and it looks like Isaac's not the only one that likes his new pants. :) (No, Daisy's eyes aren't blue I just didn't want to fool with the red eye eraser on my photo program!)
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1 comment:

fritopi said...

ha, that dog looks angry.
those pjs rock, btw.