Monday, March 23, 2009

Ahhh Walgreens

If you click on the picture it should enlarge it enough to see the list of what I bought. If you would like to .

Walgreens has better savings than CVS. Sorry to say it because I do love CVS but Walgreens is betting them out left and right when it comes to producing coupons you're going to actually use and not just on Body Wash. :) So here's what my weekly savings visit to Walgreen produced this time. NOTICE that the total cost of all the items picture was $56.30.....including tax and that I only spent $27.53...including tax. That's a savings of $28.77!!!!!!!!! I was so excited when I got home and set this picture up. Matt even sat down and figured how much a single can of soda cost since I was able to buy them for so cheap. I got 2 of the 12 packs for FREE!!!!!! And the 2 pack razors were $1 for the pack. Each Yardley's soap was $.69. The Trail Mix was $.50 each....I could go on and on. I'll try not to. Just had to share the savings.
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