Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More bags

Yes, I'm going overboard. I wanted to make enough grocery bags so that when I go for more than just one or two things I'll have enough homemade ones so I don't end up with any plastic bags. :) So I used the material I had left over from the kids PJ pants that I made to whip up a few more. The cow print is what Mackenzie picked out for her tote. She's using it as a purse now...awwww that made me feel good. :) The sheep one is Isaac's tote and Evan Grace has the pink frog one just like her pants. And of course, anything you lay in the floor has to be inspected by Daisy!!!!
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Leisha said...

Those are very cool - I am so proud of you!! I have seceveral (not handmade - hang my head in shame)my favorite is one that JH got at an environmental conference in San Diego that says "I was a bottle once" it makes me smile ;-)

Algebra Teacher said...

I would love to do some of these. I have some scrap material that I was going to make a quilt with (yeah, right - I don't even sew). I don't want to throw the material away and I would love to have some shopping bags. I'm sick of those plastic ones. Could you give some directions - may be in another post? I have bought some of those store bags, but I always seem to have the wrong bags for the store that I'm in. Any help would be appreciated (dimensions, instructions, etc.). Thanks.