Friday, March 13, 2009

More Sewing.

I've been looking at this fabric off and on for the past few weeks. Wondering if I should try and work with it. Well today I couldn't resist. There was only a yard left and I thought, it's more than I need and if I have enough I'll make a dress for Faith. Evan Grace and Faith are such big buddies and they love the Disney Princesses so why not? I'm totally surprised at how easy it was to make these dresses and how fast it went. I had two of them done in AN HOUR!!!! I think they like them.
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Anonymous said...

Faith slept in hers last night. She refuses to take it off this morning. She claims that it will, "make Evie sad." Pretty cute. Thanks for dress! Total hit.

doug said...

Sunday morning...Faith is STILL in her dress. She insists that it's clean enough to wear to church. Sorry little girl.

Traci & Matt said...

Oh My GOODNESS - They are so stinkin' cute!!!!!